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Update on Kathi's Dad (keo4)


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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know how my Dad is doing. The day after my dad was admitted into the hospital (low wbc, hallucinations, fever) his heart started to act up on him (he had a heart attack a couple of years ago) they moved him to ICU because of a very high heart rate. Since I don't live by my parents (N. Dakota.....me California) I was really really concerned. It didn't seem like my dad was getting any better. But a few days ago he really made a turn around. He is out of ICU and everything is back to normal. His doctor wants to keep him until Monday to make sure he is well before releasing him. I was concerned that maybe he wasn't going to continue his chemo but he assures me that he is going to. After his radiation ended (a week ago) his throat was still so sore he had to be solely feed by his stomach tube. He is now able to start eating real food and is quite happy. His chemotherapist has replied to every e-mail I've sent to keep me updated. For awhile, I was worried that the darn treatment was going to kill him not the cancer! Anyway, I'm just so thankful that he is doing well. Thanks to everyone who replied to my previous e-mails with advice and encouragement. I think if I didn't have this site I would be really lost. You all are the best :P


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My Dad had high heart rate once he received chemo previously. For the time he didn't have the chemo treatment -- the time-off, his heart beat was around 90. But, once he received the chemo, his heart rate was up to 120. We did tell the doctor and the doctor said this was not caused by chemo and never hear about that side effect of chemo from other patients.....but, what a coincident, every time during the time-off, his heart rate turned lower. Why we knew this bcoz during his chemo treatment, we measured his heart rate every day.

Whatever the reason, his heart rate turns normal now.

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