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Hi, To answer to what stage I am in I was never really told except that we were going for a cure, that is what pulmonary Doctor said , there was not mets and tumor was a little over 2 cm. but surgeon said that this kind of cancer proliferates so he took the entire lobe and he thought he got it all with no lymph involvement so we are just watching. When I was prescribed neurontin I just took one 300 mg at night, I just took it once but I felt real groggy next day. I thank everyone for welcoming me , and for information about bras surgeon said incision would heal better with support but sometimes I cannot wear one at all . After having cervical cancer through the years I have taken every kind of estrogen their sometimes with progesterone, I have been curious about the fact that lung cancer is falling among men but more women are getting LC. Some people say it is because more women are smoking, I really question that because so many women are getting it . I really think it might have more to do with birth control pills and the fact that so many women are on estrogen. Just felt like sharing my thoughts on this Let me know your opinions. :lol: 3Times

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Hello 3times, and welcome,

Neurontin is a funny drug. It can be extraordinarily effective, but one does need to get used to it, and find out how much one can tolerate. The side effects should subside in a few days, I had to work with the nurse also about how much to take and when. Sometimes I was told, one has to take the entire dose at night rather than split it during the day and night. I was prescribed 1800 mg per day, but could only tolerate 300 mg am and 600 mg pm. Work with it if you need it for the pain or whatever it was prescribed for, as it is effective, and the side effects will diminish with time on the proper dosage schedule.


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