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The news I've been dreading


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Well, mom went in for treatment today. She went in for her CT scan this week and we were all anxious for the results. The results were not great. The mass in her lung had grown slightly, the mass in her back did too. One of the three lymph nodes was bigger. Alimpta is no longer working. Mom is pretty wiped out. The doctor told her that she has already beat the odds and that if she wanted to stop no body could blame her. The only other options available, (not sure on the names) were even harser toxins, they'd have to give her a port because he veins aren't holding up anymore and she'd loose her hair again.. She just doesn't think she has it in her anymore. She needs a break. I might talk to her doctor about her trying Tarceva again. He put her on it for four weeks and then pulled her to put her on Alimpta. I don't think he really gave it a fair chance. I'm just devastated. My dad doesn't break down much, but watching him cry today is the hardest thing to watch.

I guess I'm just curious, my mom's had carbo platin/taxol/avastin, two rounds of radiation, the 2nd with avastin, and now alimpta and avastin. Anybody go through all of this and try something else that might be worth her trying. I'm just searching for something. I'm not ready to loose her.

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Sorry to hear about the progression. It bites, but we've accepted it as a fact of life. Tony had great results with a taxotere/gemzar combo. He also did well with the Navelbine (which might be the one they want to try and needs a port for infusion.) Tony did not lose his hair on Navelbine and it was very easy on his system. He is losing his hair again since he started Irinotecan (Camptosar). We are hoping to hold things stable. Sometimes stable is as good as it gets after prior treatment. We only had good results with the Alimta for three cycles and then it progressed during the final two cycles.

These are options available that she might consider. Navelbine might be a good choice for her to regain her strength before going onto a tougher regimen. Hard to say, but I hope you find something to help. I understand and am sorry.



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