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I posted yesterday (News I've Been Dreading) about my mom and her latest test results.

Alimpta is no longer working and we are not sure what to do anymore. Does she stop treatment and hopefully feel better for a little while longer and maybe have a little quality of life or try the last two options (Navelbine or Taxatore(sp?)). These decisions are just so hard to make.

She doesn't think she wants to go through losing her hair again. I cannot blame her. But from what I've read, Navelbine isn't too bad. They would have to put a port it they said, but I also read that there was a pill. Anybody take the pill? I guess I'm just curious to hear from people who have been on Navelbine and how they did and any side effects they experianced.


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Sorry to hear about Mon and I feel for her and everything she is going through. I had Navelbine and had no problems with it. It's a quick (injection 5 to 10 minutes) one (mild compared to others) and the push it (with a needle through an IV / the way it was administrated to me) through. If it was me I would take a short break to re-coup and try the Navelbine, one can always stop. Of course the ultimate decision is moms. Hope this helps. Prayers for the best.


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Thanks! As we all know it's just so hard. We are trying to make a family decsion and I just don't know. Should she stop and get her strength back and enjoy the time she has left or keep going.. THe Alimpta she took, which was supposed to be easy, really kicked her but! I don't know how people make these decisions... I sure can't figure out what to do.

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Just a side not on the Alimta-- I had that also and it made me very fatigued and I can understand where you mother is coming from about more treatments and making a decision etc. Either way sounds like mom can use a break that will help her (everyone) better decide. My doctor often told me she has to treat the cancer patient without doing more harm then good and that is what I keep in mind when making my (does the means justify the end) decisions. Will keep mom and you in my prayers for the best.

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