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Gratitude - October 23rd 2007


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Goor morning all,

Beautiful day again,

summer weather during

the fall.

I'm grateful that I still

can find the funny side

of life in all the daily

adventures of living in

a brand new building still

not completely finished or


At least this way the day

always finish on a good note.

Miss our old friend Gordan Kneed,

he wrote a daily cartoon about

life on a farm and we were his

inspiration, I would need him

now about life in a new building.

Enjoy the day, it will always be

different than any other you lived.


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I am grateful that for the past couple of weeks (and it will be for the next couple as well) that I have been so very busy I haven't spent as much time thinking of LC!!!! Good sunny weather also has led to higher spirits. Thanks for reminding me, Jackie!


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