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Back from Bronchoscopy


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Thanks for all your replies re: Mom's bronchoscopy today. I was glad to have my notebook with me and have referred to it a number of times already. Of course, all of this info is to be confirmed, but the doc's original insight from reading Mom's x-ray and CT scan from the ER:

- 90+% chance we're looking at lung cancer

- Due to the location of the 8 cm tumor (near central airway) the doc felt it would be inoperable. If did do surgery, the entire lung would need to be removed. He did say rad/chemo may shrink the tumor enough for surgery.

- No apparent activity in the other lung (to be confirmed by PET).

- Nodule on the adrenal gland

- Questionable lesions on the liver

- During bronch he found the area of the tumor that had been bleeding (causing Mom to cough blood last week) so feels good he got an 'active' portion of the tumor and hopeful will know more when pathology rpts come back.

The report is expected next week Wed/Thursday. He is getting Mom in with 2 onc's and scheduling a PET scan and MRI of the brain. He did say the first step of her treatment would be a comination of radiation and chemotherapy and has put the orders in already.

And so our journey begins. It's a sad day but our hope is in the Great Physician.

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I had the radiation/chemo combo before surgery. It made it possible for me to have a successful surgery. My thoughts and prayers for you and your mom. My radiation oncologist told me that it was very important to keep positive.


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