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How long does second line treatment last?

Shelley (MLC)

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OK, I've put off asking this for awhile thinking it was a "silly" question or I would be able to find the answer elsewhere, but no luck. I know you guys can fill me in. I know that 1st line chemo is only given for 4-6 cycles as evidence shows more than that doesn't show any further improvement. My question is...is this the same for 2nd line treatment? My mom has had 4 cycles of Taxotere (2nd line) and is doing very well, showing tumor shrinkage, feeling great, no real side effects. Will the Dr. keep her on this as long as she shows improvement or is stable or is there a 6 cycle limit for 2nd line treatment as well? It seems like you can be on things like Tarceva long term, but I wasn't sure if that was the same for chemo agents. Thanks! Shelley

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I'm not sure either, but I think it's 6 of each, then on to something new.

Harry is on his second line, using Taxol. He has one more to go.

The doctor told us that when a new spot of cancer shows up, they will then figure out what to use as a third line of treatment.....

I guess it will just go on and on until they run out of chemo meds, or the cancer is totally gone, or in remission...????

Glad your Mom is feeling okay!


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I depends what kind of chemo you're talking about. For instance, people stay on Alimta for many cycles in some cases. While it's a little different from traditional chemo, some people also stay on Avastin until progression (after finishing treatment with a platinum-based doublet plus Avastin). Not sure if the Alimta comparison would work with Taxotere due to possible neuropathy issues. The 4-to-6 cycles limit applies more to first-line platinum-based doublets.--neilb

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