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What should we do now?


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My dad has stage IIIB nsclc. he had an appointment today to be admitted to the hospital and have a port put in, and tomorrow he was going to start chemo, every three weeks for 6 cycles, taxol and paraplatin. well, this morning he got to the hospital, and they gave his bed away!! now they said they will put the port in tomorrow as an outpatient, and hopefully monday he'll start chemo....i don't think so!!! that is unacceptable. he was diagnosed 46 days ago, and we want to get this treatment started NOW. what should we do? my parents are still at the hospital, doing preadmission stuff.... my dad was in a very positive mood until this, now his whole outlook has changed..please help!!


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Boy oh boy oh boy.................I would take someones head off!!!!!!!!!!! You absolutely demand answers immediately! You need to be your dad's voice right now and be a real squeaky wheel!! Sorry to sound harsh but your dad was diagnosed 46 days ago and I feel chemo should begin right away. Make it happen!

Good luck.


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My father was just restaged to IIIb because they found supraclavicular node involvement. He's not a great chemo candidate so they are doing IMRT (its a form of radiation targeted just at tumor and node involved) If you are interested I will send you some info.

I know EXACTLY what you mean. It would wake me out of my sleep worrying that so much time was going by between appts, etc. to get treatment started. Hang in there, let me know if I can help.

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