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buttock pain?


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Oh yes. I have been having buttock pain

for 3 months now. That is well into my chemo

stuff. It also seems to snub its nose at pain

killers as well. If it is a side effect I wish

I knew what or why its doing it. This topic will

be number one when I meet with new Onco team.

Good luck.

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I did not find butt pain such a problem, but I was reading Mikes profile, I have just been given LYRICA for neuropathy. I didnt fill thr RX yet but the pain in my legs put me back out of work :(. It feels like I'm walking on rocks all the time. Has anyone tried LYRICA? and........does it work? Hope this note finds everyone relaxing after lots of Turkey. Mary

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  • 1 month later...

I promised to post here if i found out something new.

Well new team is not completly formed enough has

been there to put me back on Tarciva..

the back pain started out with numbness right at tail

bone. then when i sat, stood, walked or layed on my left side everything felt like muscle pain that kust

would not go away...

it seem's tail bone would not relieve with pain killer, but remainder would. the remainder would go away with killers.

turns out that pain was from infection pain caused

by diareah vs impacted bowel war. oh yeah bladder control problems mixed in didn't help.

Back for bone scan on 23rd. Know for a fact that old

team and new team actually spoke to each other. makes

a guy feel good.

God Bless VA so far.

good luck on ya all......

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