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Guest hearrean

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Guest hearrean

Well, I met with the local Oncologist today who will be overseeing my upcoming chemo treatments under the direction of my MD Anderson Oncologist. I really liked him, he was very patient, caring & willing to listen to concerns & answer all my questions.

He had received the written results of my baseline tests (Blood work, chest X-ray & CT Scan) done last week (11/21) at MD Anderson. And as usual, there are a couple of questions I failed/forgot to ask. Maybe someone here can answer or has had this particular experience. (Keep in mind, I haven't started chemo treatments yet, but will next week). And BTW: My chemo port is scheduled to be put in on Tuesday (12/4) & chemo will start Thursday (12/6).

The findings were: As to the primary mass, there were no changes in size or appearance from the 10/18 PET/CT. There has, however, been notable increase in the anteriorly located enlarged right paratracheal lymph node with a new maximum diameter of 1.8 cm compared to 1.3 cm previously. The posteriorly located right paratracheal enlarged lymph node is only slightly enlarged over the interval.

There are new areas of nodular opacity associated with the bronchovascular bundles since the last tests. These however are thought to represent infectious/inflammatory process. They are scattered throughout the right lung. No nodular opacity worrisome for metastic disease is appreciated.

So I guess my question is that since the primary tumor is unchanged, but (1) of the lymph nodes has increased in size, has anyone else had this similiar incident happen to them?

Also I don't know why the new scattered opacities are thought to be infectious/inflammatory. I haven't felt bad, had a cold, etc. Does that seem normal to have an infectious/inflammatory process, but still feel good? I ask this because I know the readings of the CT are just (1) doctor's impression. Actually I would like to believe the interpretor is correct.

I will post this also for Dr. West, but I was just wondering if anyone else here had had or seen similiar results particulary with the (1) lymph node growing, but not the primary mass. Sorry to be long-winded.


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Hi Ken:

I cannot address the medical questions regarding opacity etc, but in the beginning my hubby felt great. He slept well and ate well and had plenty of stamina. He said many times that he couldn't believe he had cancer as he felt so well. When he had previous colon cancer, he felt ill all the time.

The treatments did take their toll, but he's making a come back. He's gone back to work (he's an artist) and frequently goes surf fishing off the beach.

You're in excellent hands at MD Anderson - we were at the Orlando facility today - and I know they'll take very good care of you.

Keep posting and let us know your progress. Good Luck & God Bless


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I'm glad you like your local onc--that can make such a big difference. I'm sure Dr. West can be helpful for your other questions. The truth is, you don't have to feel bad to have lung cancer. My mom hasn't so much as ahd a cold since her diagnosis. Her oncologists tells her that she would is perfectly healthy except for that stupid tumor in her lung. He seems to think that her overall health has been a tremendous asset to her ability to fight the diesease. I hope it will be that way for you as well!


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