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Some history for my father....

He was diagnosed with nsclc in 07/07 in the upper right hilar region and began radiation treatment and then proceeded to AVASTIN Taxotere and Carboplatin. We were told he was not a surgical candidate because he had metastatic prostate cancer diagnosed in 2001 and there were residual mets in rib cage but were not active or spreading.

He developed a blood clot and pulmonary embolism. He had a case of acute hemoptysis after 4 weeks of treatment. Hospitalized for 5 days.

A new ct scan showed that he had a new growth in the left lower lobe. They did a bronchoscopy for the new mass and finally diagnosed with squamous nsclc.

Now through the research i realized that he should never have been given avastin due to bleeding risk. He now has chronic SOB since the pulmonary embolism. He still has casses of hemoptysis occasionally.

I am devastsaed that i did not catch this earlier, everything was moving so fast in the beginning and I didnt do my research. I should have pushed for a better diagnosis. I should have got a second opinion, THEY CAUGHT IT EARLY AND I COULD HAVE BROUGHT HIM TO ANOTHER SURGEON AND HOPEFULLY CURED HIS DISEASE! I have not gotten any sleep last night after i made this realization!!

My questions are, has anyone else heard of something like this? Is there anyway to reverse this process of bleeding (hemoptysis) from avastin?

Another thought that ran through my head, is this considered malpractice? I have not told my father yet as he is so loyal to this oncologist after being treated so well for the prostate cancer. We placed a lot of trust in this doctor because of the survival from hte advanced prostate cancer!! ALWAYS GET A SECOND OPINION!

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Pulmonary Embolism (Blood Clots) are VERY COMMON in lung cancer patients. With or without medications. They honestly go hand and hand. Blot Clots are one of the many risks of being a lung cancer patient.

SOB is also very common with lung cancer patients. It can appear over night for many many many reasons.

There is NOTHING normal about lung cancer and things can happen just like that!

If your father is dealing with TWO cancer's this could be very confusing as to what to blame what on or what it causing what. Prostate Cancer is NOT treated the same as lung cancer.

Beating yourself up isn't going to change a thing. You can still get a second opinion. As long as he's still here, you still have options. Is he upset with all the goings on, or is it you that is upset with the outcome? Allow him his thoughts if he's able to offer them. Does your dad want to get a second opinion? We all know it's very important to be comfortable with your doctor's.

As for reversing his bleeding I would honestly ask our Dr West that question. None of us here are doctor's. You can contact Dr West at:

www.onctalk.com This is something you should get a professional answer for.

Best wishes,


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I have not really told him about what is going on concerning the past treatment. But i have convinced him to get a second opinion at this point. I know that whats done is done. At the time i was working and taking care of my dad. I finally decided to quit my job and take care of my dad full time now. Doing the research is sometimes frightening. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR RESPONSE AND SUPPORT!

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Mike, I don't think the Research is going to get you through this. It's helpful to a point. Talking to those that are dealing with it and living it day after day is your best bet.

Have you checked with a Prostate Cancer Support Group? That might be helpful to you as well.

Slow down and go get a second opinion. Is your father unable to care for himself? I know how overwhelming all this can be. I took care of my mom, dad and sister way back when.

Your in a good place for lung cancer support and information. I hope you'll let us help you through the muck! It's a bumpy road, but we'll help the best we can. Stay strong and take deep breaths. :wink:

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My mother was told by her onc that she was not a candidate for Avastin (I think it was this one?) because her original 5cm tumor in the lower left lobe was attached to a major airway. Because of the side effects of bleeding, this could be fatal. So, my point is that from the beginning, we were told NO to this drug. Even now, with such awesome response to her Carbo/Gemzar chemo, and drastic shrinkage of the tumor, they still say no Avastin. So, on that I am a little concerned with WHY they put your dad on it if the tumor was near or attached to other things.

As far as not catching it yourself & "doing your research" -- you can NOT put that kind of pressure, responsibility and guilt on yourself. We all learn as this ugly disease shows us new faces & challenges. Everything I've learned up to this point, has been because of something my mom has been diagnosed with, complications she has experienced, side effects she has had, etc. I would NOT have been aware of these things BEFORE they happened to her. We become wise through our experiences, not in predicting them. =)

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