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My Dad's in the hospital for at least the weekend, we thought it was the colitis when we took him in. Stomach was sore and one spot sore to the touch, he vomited once last weekend with a sore stomach too. He was feeling better during the week, a few days he thought about going out he felt 100%. But this weekend, what went down came right back up and the pain was worse bringing him to tears. Then the doctor asked if he still had his gall bladder, still not ideal problem with the "no surgery" clause on him. And yet again, something to add to the list of aches and pains the poor man has. The CT scan came back and we were told "gall bladder and liver are side by side, it will show which one for sure." And the winner is! Spots on the liver! The doctor is thinking of a scope procedure to determine if they are from the lung or blockages at the ducts. Doctor's fact of the matter comment was "or both", hmmm, said my Dad! Dad's just finished being sick and is disappointed yet another thing is wrong with him as his best reaction. He does however have a new love and appreciation for morphine, it's bad pain when they bring out the morphine. So far he's getting an anti biotic as part of getting the pain under control.

As Dad said last night "well we haven't had too many problems with this cancer since it's started. Had problems every where else but maybe it's due?"

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