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There was some discussion a few days ago about doing massage therapy during chemo treatment. I googled massage and cancer and came up with this (oops forgot to note the web address):

Q: Is massage safe for cancer patients?

A: People used to worry that massage could spread cancer cells. This is not true for most cancers. It is wise, though, to avoid massaging body areas known to have cancer or inflammation. And be sure to talk with your doctor before starting massage therapy.

Many cancer patients attain pain relief and emotional comfort from massage administered by a skilled therapist. Some cancer centers have incorporated massage rooms into their facilities. Massage before chemotherapy treatments helps lower anxiety. It has also been shown to heighten immune function and improve blood flow.

--Bernice Crook, RN, OCN

I will ask my onc next appointment but I wouldn't give up the one I have scheduled for tomorrow for all the tea in China. It's been a grueling week putting numbers together for MDACC and ORH people who are trying to get me some financial help. I used to do it monthly but have only had one other massage since dx. My massage therapist is one of those people who just exude goodness and the physical and emotional benefit of a session with her is worth the risk. I can't imagine it hurting me.


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I am not a massage therapist but I know when Joel was going through his chemo when the few days past and he started having pain in his legs and ankles I got into action and massaged them.

Sometimes I did that for a couple of hours. It gave him tremendous relief.

Normally, I hate to give massages and I don't when he is feeling well. Trust me he would love to have me do his back but I don't like to do it. But when he was feeling so bad I did not think twice about it. The only thing on my mind was to alleviate his pain. It made me feel good as I was doing something to help him when most of the time I feel so helpless.

Good subject... enjoy yours!!

Maryanne :wink:

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Maryanne: Doing something nice for someone when you really don't enjoy doing it is the best! Unfortunately, I had to do something nice for my massage therapist this morning and cancel my appointment. Late yesterday I started with a real coughing, sniffling, sneezing cold and didn't think it would be fair to subject her to it. She just got over one and made my appointment late in the week to be sure she wouldn't contaminate me. What a bummer! I was so looking forward.

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