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Rash on face and numbness in feet


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Hi everyone.

We have been wondering if anyone has had a problem with a rash on the face from the chemo drugs?

My husband has a rash that goes from his cheeks, covers his nose and is also on his chin. He also has a few bloches over his eyebrows. Sometimes it is bright red and other times it is pale. This rash also peels. I read on line that Taxol can cause a rash on the face. Has this been a problem for anyone?

His feet are numb too. Our Doctor said it was from the Carboplatin. He said it may go away and it may not. He usually takes a cane with him or if he is going to a store that has shopping carts he uses them to help keep his balance. The feet are so numb he doesn't feel the floor and that is why it is easy for him to loose his balance. This must have happened to others too.

What can you do to overcome these side effects? There must be something that can be done.

Thank you for all of your help and support.

Marcia, Lucky to be married to that great husband, Jim

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I took Cisplatin and finished 5 +yrs ago, I started falling down towards the end of chemo, the doctor said right away it was the chemo, neuro toxic. Said the same thing it will either go away or it won't. My feet are still weird. I have some weekness and the info that your feet normally pick up telling you about balance , sensation etc is all screwed up. If I have a tiny piece of sand in my shoe it feels like a piece of glass. I don't usually fall down any more but 2 weeks ago I sure put on quite a show at I Hop restaurant. My knees now have fadded to a light yellow. ( I bruised bothe and abraded one) The good side of the coin is in December I will be a 6 yr survivor since Diagnosis and that not far away!! Donna G

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Thank you for replying. I (once again) sit here with tears in my eyes. I am so happy for you being a 6 year survivor. That is wonderful news.

I am also sorry to hear about your feet. My husband has almost fallen a few times. He has a cane he uses when he knows he will be walking more than usual.

How are your muscles in general. His are just about gone. His skin hangs now. I saw my Dr today and asked her. She said it was due to the reaction of the chemo drugs on the bone marrow. Do you know anything about that? Were your muscles affected the same way?

This is such a dreadful disease. I can't tell you how happy I am for you. I hope you and yours are planning to celebrate. You deserve it and more.

Thanks for sharing with me.

Big hugs to you. Marcia

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My muscles in general are OK. It is the ankle and feet where I have the most affect from the neuropathy that are so unreliable. I have a weird way of getting up if I squat down, usually have to assist with a pull from my arms. I work as a nurse in a hospital and am able to lift and pull people and gear , the chalenge is squatting to empty a foley bag but I get it done. Maybe not as easily as before but it gets done.

Donna G

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I too have numbness in my feet and fingers. The chemo I received is taxol/carboplatin, the same as your husband. I don't know how long your hubby has been on this chemo, but I have had 8 weekly treatments (March to May) and 4 treatments over a 12 week period (July to Oct..) I did have 2 months off in between and the numbness did subside. Also my onc. did cut back the taxol by 25%. According to her that was what was causing the numbness. Hope this helps. Prayers to you and Jim...

Warm Regards :)


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