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Invanz anyone????


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Mom (56 yr old, adenocarcinoma NSCLC dx Nov. 06) has been in the hospital since Tuesday. She is now on her fourth line treatment--gemzar/carbo--and then had a blood transfusion. A few hours later she presented with a 104 temp and a blue nose. She was admitted into the hospital and the dr's started the antibiotic invanz. She has continued to go downhill, rather than rallying. She has delayed speech, she just stares into your eyes and doesn't say anything. When I asked the onc about this he attributed it to the Invanz, which can impact the central nervous system. She had a brain scan only a month ago and it was clean.

Metobolically (stats, blood counts, etc.) she's ok.

Has anyone had any experience with Invanz????


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Nothing Persoanlly But I can give you a Link for General info?

http://www.invanz.com/ertapenem_sodium/ ... p?WT.svl=6

I have not heard of this before but that is nothing new.Hope and Pray that something can be done to reverse any damage or that things resolve themselves...

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