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Your stories....Your testimonies


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I need your stories in orginal or updated form. At the Playing for a cure event, we post stories throughout the hallways for the kids to read. Promoting empathy and awareness towards the disease as well honoring the survivors.

I would love to use your story...send me a note to give me the go-ahead if it is already on the site. Otherwise, let me know and I can give you my e-mail.

I would also love to have a picture accompanying the story...then the kids can see the real person behind the story.

Thanks and God Bless!!!!




P.S. All donations and sponsorships can be made at the secured website!!! Drop me a note if you would like to sponsor an award in honor of someone..

Bands to date include:

1.Colonial Red Band

2.Colonial Blue Band

3.White Station Beginning

4.White Station Middle

5.Bellevue Intermediate

6.Bellevue Victory

7.Ridgeway High

8.Overton Symphonic

9.Overton Wind Symphony

10.Southwind Middle

11.Horn Lake Middle School

That totals at least 600 participants already!!!

We are aiming for 1500+ in attendance.

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Thank you Connie!!!!! The stories make it real for the kids who I am hoping will be the doctors, researchers and lung cancer advocates of tomorrow. We never know...there may be a cure waiting to be discovered in one of their little brains!!!!

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Here is a link to the pictures from the first event held!!!

Check it out:


It is an amazing event!!!

All donations can be made at www.lungevity.org/playingforacure

Awards for this Year:

The Melissa Zagon Award---Band Award

The Richard Kaufman Award---Solo Award

The Vic Infortuno Award----Solo Award

The John Molyneaux Award--Solo Award

The Donna Prevost Award---Band Award

The Laurianne's Hope Award---Band Award

The Tony Yeargin Award---Band Award

The Joe Toma Award---Band Award

The Atul Shukla Award---Solo Award

The Jessee Dewey Award---Ensemble Award

The William Slovacek Award---Band Award

Please let me know if you are interested in having an award given in honor of a survivor or would like a past award presented again..

We would love to have your stories to use.. As seen in the pictures, we post them for all to read!!

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