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Does Medicare pay for a second opinion?


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I am going to see another oncologist for a 2nd opinion this Friday. In addition I would like to sent a sample of my biopsy to the Anderson Clinic in Texas, to make sure I have the right diagnosis.

Does somebody know if Medicare pays for these services?

I am seing the Surgeon again today, hope they will tell me about my treatman plan. Everything is going so slow overhere. It's been 2 weeks since my biopsy, I am getting itchy. Want to get started.


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Yes. That is why my dad went to Mayo (in our opinion the A TEAM) for his second opinion, and then proceeded to get all his care there. I think after all the chemo, radiation, PCI, follow ups for 2 years, he has paid maybe $100 total...they do have supplemental care though...either way very good coverage.


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