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Best Lung Cancer doctor in (or near) California?


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Does anyone know of a LC doctor who is well-respected and considered one of the best in the country? I've looked online and I don't see a list or specific names. There's is something called "best doctors" online but it seems to list tons of doctors and I'm not sure if it's from an objective group.

I only have a general oncologist but I think his speciality is blood issues. So I'm looking for an LC doc.

Where does someone go to find the right doctors? I know MD Andersen I guess is considered the best facility, but I've also been reading some negative things about them too from patients who have been there.

Any specific doctors names in California (or anywhere)?

Who is the best in the country?

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I second the choice of David Gandara at UC Davis, for medical oncology. Dr. Jablons at UCSF for evaluation and as a surgeon. UCLA is part of the SPORES Project and actually has some physicians who see only lung cancer patients. My experience at UCLA wasn't a good one, but I know that what happened to me cannot be the norm or they wouldn't be voted one of the best cancer centers in the west on a regular basis.

Wishing you good luck.

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I was being treated at UCSD in San Diego and was very comfortable until they lost their lung cancer specialist. I then started up at Cedars-Sinai in Beverly Hills and can't say enough good about that experience. If that is a good location for you, I would highly recommend contacting the Cancer Clinic. I see Dr. Ronald Natale, but I am Stage IV and after some chemo...Dr. McKenna would be fantastic if surgery is possible.

Good luck,


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Thanks for the suggestions. It's a coincidence that McKenna was mentioned because I have an appointment scheduled with him next week. I went to UCLA to see a pulmo on a different issue and I met with the thorasic surgeon there and I didn't feel comfortable at all with him. So I contacted Cedars because they have a good reputation. But now that I heard it first-hand, I'm so glad I get to see McKenna. I need to be evaulated to see if I'm a candidate for possible surgery so hopefully he can help.

Faye, what happened to you at UCLA? Did you have a bad experience in their cancer center or pulmo center? I have a lung doctor there and I've never been sure if I'm getting the right treatment, but since they are rated so high, I *assumed* maybe I'm just be overly sensitive.

I think I should pursue Dr. Candaras since you both recommend him. I guess it has to be a gut instinct on who to go with. I think it's also limited because you probably have to have the surgeon and LC specialist at the same facility, huh?

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Gandara is a Medical Oncologist, not a surgeon. He's in Sacramento. McKenna (surgeon) and Natale (medical oncologist) at Cedars both have excellent reputations. I have some personal experience with Natale, and he was wonderful.

I'll tell you what happened at UCLA via private message. I've written about it on the board before, so other's don't want to hear the story again.

You go where you think you will receive the best care.

Fay A.

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