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I read an article sometime ago that said the color and texture of your nails was an indication if you had some type of cancer. I think it went something like this but not sure. If your nails had good color then you most likely did not have any cancer. If they were brittle and had a texture like lines it meant something ele. Has anyone saw the article. I can't remember where I read it. Magazine or newspaper I think.


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I don't know of any relationship between nail color/condition and cancer, but I do know that the condition you describe is very previlant in folks like me with a hypo-thyroid condition. I've had the condition all my life and my nails are very white (some people who meet me for the first time wonder if I paint them :)), very thick and very brittle. As a matter of fact I use the condition of my nails (and a couple of other things which no longer aply due to the cancer causing the same symptoms) as an indicator of my condition which I control through diet.

I suppose that if someone has had normal nails most of their life and all of a sudden shows a change in them they might want to find out why the nails have changed. But I wouldn't hit the panic button right away. Many other conditions can cause the thyroid gland to go a bit haywire and most of them are temporary conditions and not at all life threatining.

Just some thoughts.


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In my medical terminology class last year, I was told that ridges in your nails was a great indication of vitamin deficiency and that the color of your nail bed was a indication of your oxygen intake.

That's all I know.

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All the doctors I have seen on this roller coaster have always checked my nails and have used that term "clubbing." I know that whenvever I have gone for any sort of surgery, they always insisted on no nail polish in order to monitor. But then chemo definitely can cause havoc with one's nails.


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