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The hospital messed up


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My mother in law was scheduled for her PET scan today. When she got there, they said that she was scheduled for a CT. No! She's already had a CT. She needs the PET. They said that they only do them on Fridays and someone will call her and let her know if she can get it done this week or when they can fit her in.

I called U of Chicago to see if we still should come to the appointment Wed and they said yes. She has to bring everything else with her and they'll see what they can do. I asked about getting the PET done there and they don't have one. It just seems crazy that they're one of the best cancer hospitals in the country but don't have a PET.

We thought that maybe we'd have some answers today but I guess not.

Anyway, I just needed to vent a little.


Thanks for listening!

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Okay, I am pretty concerned about U of Chicago now........you mean they don't have a PET! FOR GOODNESS SAKE! What do they do? I wonder if they refer you to some place else in the City to get it done and then read the results later. NICE!

Actually, I am not very pleased with U of Chicago. The second oppinion my dad got was at Mayo Clinic and then we sent him back home to do his treatment inChicago. U of Chicago recommended a treatment plan (reverse) opposite of the Mayo Clinic. I had to discuss the matter with the treatment doctor 2x before she put the plan straight. Mayo Clinic strongly objected to her plan (chemo than rad) saying it was the wrong move based on my dad's physical performance and the need to insure that the brain tumor was under control. They wanted to do (rad then chemo)

Turns out the doctor (at Chicago) started recommened treatment plans before she read the entire report for Mayo. LOVELY! Took me asking the doctr the dctr wanted to speak to the Nuerosurgen from Mayo before the doctor finally acknowledged that the The doctor saod didn't need the consult with the Mayo Clinic to clarify the Mayo Report. (Right before the doctor said the records were unclear. Which would be funny if it wasn't my dad's life and his brain functions at stake.)

Hate to be a insistant to the doctor but it is my dad's life and you hate for your first move to be a mistake that you wish you could undo. Such a sticky situation considering all the other stuff going............

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