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Mom has to start chemo again


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Hi everyone.

The tests came back positive for cancer cells in the ascites. I don't know what else to do but ask for prayers. My mom has trouble moving her bowels and keeping food down. The doctor said to start chemo again. She is willing to take the supplements again, but she doesn't want my stepdad to know. I have just about had it with this stuff.

Please pray for the chemo to work.

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She will take chemo regardless, but she doesn't want him to know about the supplements; he's against them because they're not Amway products. I know, how selfish is that, right? The real reason he wanted to sell the house is because he got tired of me influencing her decisions, even though he didn't do jack. He's a real douchebag, and the sad thing is that they had to give back their Expedition thru voluntary repossession, so she can't come over as much. She has to live with him for health insurance. That was the main reason I was against selling the house, because I knew I could take better care of her if we lived under the same roof. All this because of Amway.

Her MRI came back clear. I am currently talking to a doctor about RadioFrequency Ablation, and she may indeed be a candidate for it. Just now, tumors have actually been found in the abdomen, and who knows how long they've been there. I guess the doctor at Edwards was right about that part after all. Now that we've confirmed their existence, we can get rid of them and hopefully this cancer once and for all! As you all know by now, the hard part is convincing her to go thru with it. It's like pulling teeth. So everyone Please pray for my mom to have the will to keep fighting.

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Marlon, I'm so sorry to hear about your mothers cancer being back. But your right about one thing, now that they know its there she can't fight it and hopefully get rid of the cancer!! I will pray for god to give your mother the strengthen to fight and to help you too!! I'm sorry that your stepfather is so difficult!! My prayers and thoughts are with you!


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