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It's a start


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I've posted here before and read the posts on the trouble in getting media attention. We've been working hard to do the same.

We put together a press release and sent it to over 25 media outlets in Wisconsin today. WisPolitics already picked it up and posted it. It's not a newspaper with a lot of reach, but it obviously has political connections.

It's a start anyway. The link is http://www.wispolitics.com/index.iml?Content=21 (it's the second topic under November 19, in case you read this on a different day).

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It's a ray of hope. I can't believe that there are so few mentions on tv and in magazines about November being lung cancer awareness month. Last month everywhere I looked the media and mags were talking about breast cancer or had articles or ads about it. I think thats good, but they need to do it with lung cancer also.

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Last year, Channel 3, WISC-TV, Madison WI, during lung cancer awareness month had a live interview with Dr. Joan Schiller of the U of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center, an interview of myelf and Neil O'Connor, Clinical Social Worker, U of Wisc Comprehensive Cancer Center, and ran a story about the Lung Cancer Support and Advocacy Group, U of Wisc Comprehensive Cancer Center, and had several editorials supporting Lung Canxcer Awareness Month. Channel 3 News Co-Anchor, Carleen Wild is a co-founder of the Lung Cancer Support Group, U of Wisc comprehensive Cancer Center. Carleen has a vested interest in the group and lung cancer, as her mother died of Lung Cancer in 2001. This year, Madison Magazine, Madison WI, which is owned by WISC-TV, ran 2 articles on Lung Cancer and an Editorial concerning lung cancer. These articles and editorial may be read at http://www.madisonmagzine.com . You may read the editorial by clicking on the picture of Brian Howell (who is a lung cancer survivor/patient). The two articles are listed on the website. Channel 3 News, in conjunction with Lung Cancer Awareness Month, again conducted an interview with Dr. Joan Schiller and produced an infomercial, in conjunction with the U of Wisc Comprehensive Cancer Center, on Lung Cancer. This infomercial featured Dr. Joan Schiller, and several of her assistants.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, of this week, November 18 and 19, the U of Wisc Comprehensive Cancer Center, Lung Cancer Support and Advocacy Group, set up a table on Lung Cancer in the lobby of the U of Wisc Hospital. Myself and other members of the group manned the table from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, both days. In the two days, we gained at least 6-10 new members for the support group, gave away over 100 lung cancer ribbons, and gave away over 40 copies of Dr. Joan Schiller's book, "100 Questions and Answers About Lung Cancer". All in all, we believe we had 2 good days of exposure.

The U of Wisc Comprehensive Cancer Center Lung Cancer Support Group meets the second and fourth Wednesday of each month from 10:00 AM until Noon. Information concerning this group is available from Neil O'Connor, Clinical Social Worker, at 608-263-8521.

It is very good what EDP has done. I would like to extend an invitation for her to join the Lung Cancer Support Group at the U of Wisc Comprehensive Cancer Center. She will find that what she has done, is already being done in Madison, WI, and by joining forces, we will become that much stronger in the State of Wisconsin. Several of our members travel, twice each month, from Milwaukee, approximately 100 miles, to attend the support group. I travel from Baraboo, 45 miles, to attend the group, plus my treatments.

Upcoming events, for 2004, include Curl for the Cure, a curling event to raise money for lung cancer research at the U of Wisc; and a golf outing to do the same thing. The lung cancer support group supports and participates in both these events.

Tammy Baldwin, U.S. Congress, 2nd District, Wisconsin, which includes Madison, is co-sponsoring several Bills in support of lung cancer research. I have personally cooresponded with both her Madison office, and her DC office, concerning her support.

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