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A real Groaner!!!!

Patti B

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A blonde goes to the doctor because her psoriasis is out of control. Her skin is itching, shes peeling and in a lot of discomfort.

The doctor tells her he has been having a lot of success with people taking milk baths; really soothing to the skin.

"Call up a milkman and have about 30 gallons of milk delivered, fill up your tub and soak in it for about an hour" the doctor tells her.

So the blonde goes home, calls up a milkman and asks to have 30 gallons of milk delivered to her home so that she can take her milk bath.

"Does it need to be pastuerized", the milkman asks.

"No", says the blone "just up to my armpits"






.Told you it was a groaner!!!

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