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Radiation Causing Breathing Problems

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Hi All,

My mom has had 2 weeks of radiation after her surgery. They said they would evaluate the radiation after 2 weeks b/c that is when they can tell if it is causing problems with breathing. My mom went today and her breathing test was not good at all. They are reviewing now if my mom should keep going or stop. This I thought was just for overkill anyway b/c the cancer itself was removed in surgery but the radiation was like a backup they said to kill any sneaky cells that could be hiding. I am not sure what I am even saying b/c I am just so upset with these blocks in the road. Has anyone had to stop radiation due to these problems? Any advice would be great!


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There's no overkilling going on with them being careful or being aggressive. Radiation is VERY PROWERFUL and can cause serious breathing problems or it can cause radiation pneumonitis. (that is serious and many of us have had it, including myself). What they are doing sounds pretty normal to me. It's ALWAYS best to be safe rather then sorry.

I don't know so much about the sneaky cell stuff, because those sneaky cells can be anywhere in our bodies, but I'm sure they are trying to be aggressive. IS your mother having chemo also. Please read my Profile below.

As for the "road block" you had best get use to them, cancer and the treatment of cancer is a very bumpy road with TON'S of road blocks ahead.

I'm sorry I just looked over you mom's PROFILE and I am TOTALLY confused with her doing radiation back in 2007 and again now? Six weeks of Rad both time?

Is this correct? Okay, I think I figured out what you were saying in your PROFILE. She never did get the radiation.

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