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  1. Katy, I am so sorry for your loss. I have not been on the board lately and I am sorry I am in late in my condelences. My deepest sympathies for the loss of your husband. Marci
  2. I hope it works too! Will pray for comfort. Marci
  3. Sorry the post is Radiation/Pain is still there
  4. Hi Katy, My mom went through the same kind of thing with the shoulder blade and even with the radiation the pain stayed with her for awhile. Look at my old post it says Radiation/Shoulder Pain I believe. Beloved Sandra had responded back as well as another member who had experience with that. Unfortunately, they had said it may take time for it to stop but it was encouraging that it was there and then gone the pain. Hope the pain disappears soon for him. Marci
  5. Katie, I just took the caregiver survey and was wondering when the results will be available for viewing? I was impressed with that survey. I work with Surveymonkey at my own job also. Great tool! Thanks Marci
  6. Hi All, Kanzius cancer research is in the lead for the Pepsi Refresh Project (Grant Program). If anyone has other organizations or ideas for lung cancer funding etc. Here is the link for the ongoing project. The great thing about this program is that u don't have to be a non-profit, company, etc. Individuals can apply too to nominate companies, organizations, etc. http://www.refresheverything.com/offici ... guidelines I am so happy for the Kanzius research for being in the lead since this may help lung cancer patients. Best Marci
  7. Randy, Will def. keep your sister Heidi in my prayers. Marci
  8. Marci

    Checking in...

    I too was off the board for awhile just needed the "emotional break" from all the sufferring of my LC peeps here while I healed a little from my loss. Who am I joking ( I will never truly heal) but take a step each day out of bed and try and function for the roof over our head. Bless You and your journey with this- may God grant the grace you need to manage through it and make sound decisions with your acreage. Keep hanging in there Marci
  9. Marci

    Poem from Heaven

    Michelle, I am on reading the boards today and came across this. Wow, what a beautiful thing to come across. I cried and then found some relief in it. I just wanted to thank you for posting this, it somehow it made me feel relieved. Thanks Again- Marci
  10. Thinking of you both and praying.
  11. Thank You All for the input and kindness. Nick- You are so right I guess February going into all those months are the hardest for me. Last year I think I was numb and all the feelings were buried deep. Now, they have been pouring out of my tear ducts. I do appreciate your advice on my stepfather situation though. The energy spent there I know and I also know my mother would want me to put back into myself now. Another friend told me having class is the only thing you need to do because that is what your Mom had and that is what she taught you to have for yourself. I am going to try my hardest to focus on me now and try not to let those nasty distractions pull me away into that nasty place. Thank You everyone for letting me vent. Marci
  12. Hi All, Just venting here. The Spring weather lately has made me more anxiety stricken that my Mom is not here. I know that may sound strange. I just don't want another season to pass by or another Easter or Mother's Day without her. My stepfather is actively out and about with his lady friend with whom I went to highschool with all over town. It just makes me sick to my stomach. I have gone over in my tortured heart and mind what I should do about that relationship and if I should let go for the sake of my mental health and being able to move on without that plaquing me all the time on top of the grieving. My mother was abused mentally by him with words and her own father did not like him. Although he was in our life for over 20 years I don't really see the positive in keeping him active in my life. I know he always will be my brother's father but I just feel tortured by this. Any suggestions? I am just so sad lately and can't seem to get out of my own way with anything. Marci
  13. Marci

    mom passed

    So sorry for the loss of your Mom. May peace be with you and your family now. Marci
  14. Your right Nick it felt more real than just a dream. Like a visiting type thing that they say. I feel so blessed b/c I have been asking God to allow us to connect b/c I know for sure she would want to connect with me as much as I her. Wow thanks for pointing that out b/c yes I feel it was more to it than your average dream.
  15. Hi All, Well 2/21/10 will be 1 year for my mom in heaven. Needless to say I have been having so many emotions as we get closer to that day. A few things have happened to me so far this month and I believe they are signs she is around me and trying to say hi. On Superbowl my husband attends an annual party and he had gotten me into some of the pools and I had requested that he put me and my mom in a box kind of like an in memory box sort of thing cuz we always used to get into them together. Well that night I hit on the box with her the only box with her name on it for $500. Then last night I had a dream and she passed me and smiled and winked at me. Really she did!!!! I was so uplifted like yeah I am here looking over u sort of thing. Please tell me that this could be !!!! Has anyone else had things like this happen around the time of the anniversary? Marci
  16. Thank you both so much for your support on this board. Always there for all of us. Thanks for taking us all in - in the worst times especially!
  17. Marci

    Who am I now?

    Congrats on the job!
  18. Marci

    Love You Forever

    Your post hit my heart Nick and made me weep reading it. Blessing to U! Marci
  19. Just wanting you all to know that I am thinking of all of you and praying for all of you too. I am sorry I haven't been on too much I have been working OT alot right now trying to catch up on bills etc. and I guess its a good thing since it keeps my mind busy and not on her all the time. I miss u all and read your posts every other day or so - I am still connected that way and will always pray for all of my LC family. I love you all and hope your journeys are getting better!!! Stay Strong and Keep fighting on! Love Marci
  20. Barb, Congrats on Bill coming home!!! My prayers are with you both! Marci
  21. So so Sorry to read this news... How my heart is broken for you. Please take one day at a time and try not to overwhelm yourself with thinking ahead thats what gets us anxiety stricken on top of the grief. God will take care of you - he will never forsake you or your husband who is with him now. I just can't imagine what you must be feeling losing your husband so young but please know that I am praying for you and hope you find the strength inside that we all have in there you just need to have faith and know its there to keep on. My Condolences Marci
  22. Marci

    My mom has passed

    Your post touched my heart so deep...I too know unfortunately the pain and sorrow you are going through. I too held my mom's hand at the end I was just so grateful for that. You are lucky you got to be with your Mom to get her where needed to go for peace. I cried throughout your post. You really articulated how we all feel about our WONDERFUL MOMS! Thank You for That- Marci
  23. Just wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving to all my LC friends here! Wishing you time well spent with your families above all else! Gobble Gobble Everyone! Love You All and Wishing for Many Blessing for All of You Marci
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