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Spinal Cord Compression-- Question


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Does anyone know the answer to this?

Can a person have spinal cord compression without cancer metastasis? Are all spinal cord compressions caused by cancer?


A randomized trial among patients with spinal cord compression caused by cancer metastasis to compare the benefits of surgery and radiation therapy to radiation alone. Researchers found that surgery followed by radiation was much more effective than radiation alone and allowed most patients to remain mobile and continent for the remainder of their lives.

The spinal cord becomes compressed when cancer spreads to the vertebra and pushes on the spinal cord. The condition occurs most commonly in patients with cancers that are likely to spread to the spine, such as those of the lung, prostate, and breast. Surgery involves removing as much of the tumor as possible, with the goal of decompressing and stabilizing the spine.

--- Carly

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No , Cancer is not the only cause of spinal cord compression. Also Trauma, Inflamation and osteoartritis. It is very serious from what ever because damage to the spinal cord from compresion leaves you paralyzed and the higher up it is more is affected with even more dire consequences ( as lumbar vs neck)

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Hi Carly,

My mom is in remission from Sclc and has a fractured spine .... I have seen others with this ... the treatments seem to speed up the osteoporosis...? I have talked to others here who have had it....are you taking osteo meds?

Praying for strong/healthy bones for you!

Bless you!


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Sometimes the radiation treatments affect the spine causing the problem. My Doctor tried to keep my spine out of the treatment field as much as possible but there is still a chance of problems at a later date. Another of the "side effects" I am afraid. Good thing about it is, I am still here to complain about the side effects, lol.

God Bless,


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