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Tom had his Neulasta shot today and when I picked him up from work he said up until the last hour he was fine. He said that (THE SHOT) really wiped him out today. Then at about 7:30 p.m. as we were headed back from visiting a friend in the hospital Tom tells me that the last thing he had to eat today was the oatmeal he had for breakfast at 7 a.m. No wonder he felt wiped out!!! He had nothing in him to get him through the day.

I swear I want to beat him like a red headed step child!!!!

He says if it wasn't for me and Grammy D our local breakfast place owner making him eat he would not eat anything. He has an appetite but nothing taste good anymore. He says everything tastes like cardboard.

Thank God he has me and Grammy or he would probably be a 90 lb weakling.


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keep a supply of Ensure and boost handy in case. Stay Hydrated and drink lots of water. Nutrients and fluids are the 2 most important things. A trip to the ER and 2 days of IV Fluids plus side effects from dehydration are not fun things to do!!

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Hi Denise, I am also struggling with this issue, you are doing great if he is eating even if it tastes like cardboard! The complications of not eating are what we are facing right now and you may want to share them with him so he avoids them. The Neulasta shot didn't seem to phase Dave but the hospital told me it was the reason his white count came up so quickly.

Hang in there and my prayers are with you!


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