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Anyone taken Gleevec?


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My husbands cousin is on Gleevac for Gastrointestinal Cancer. She has been on it since August 2002 and her cancer is stable. The disease is being treated as a chronic disease. She goes into have tests done evry 3 months, but there is no sign of cancer. Side effects are very minimal she says. She said it is worth it it keeps the cancer away and no new tumor growth... Wishing you the best, please keep me posted on the results of this trial study. Praying for you.

God Bless :):):):)


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Thank you for that info, you're the first person to respond in knowing someone who has tried Gleevec. From what my mom says the number of people involved in the SCLC clinical trial is under 100, so I'm not surprised that no one here hasn't been on it yet.

Good to hear that your cousin's side effects were minimal. My mom has had severe vomitting since she's been on it. We don't know if its from the Gleevec or the massive tumor in her liver that is causing the nausea.

Thanks again for your post.


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