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I saw my sister yesterday

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She looks so tired, uncomfortable and scared. She took some Tylenol with Codeine before I got there and it seemed to make her dizzy/nauseus/anxious. She felt similar with the Oxycotin and her husband is worried that she would rather be in pain than deal with all of the side effects. While I was there she walked around a little but was very weak. She went from the couch to her bed and couldn't get comfortable. We lay in her bed together and we talked for a couple of hours.

She was asking me if I thought she would be "this sick" if she was going to "make it". I told her that yes, I thought that this was the hardest part - trying to find the right treatment to help her, and that once the Dr.'s had a clear plan then she would start to get the treatment and feel better. I don't know if she believed me, but I wanted to offer her some hope. I've read what you all have written here and that seemed to be the appropriate answer. I hope so.

I am so concerned about her. It scares me so much. So tell me, is it normal for her to look and feel so badly at this point, if she has a chance at surviving this? She has Dr.'s appointments today in Boston - I believe she is scheduled for an MRI for her spine, as well as a pre-op appt. for the portable drain catheter that she will have put in on Monday. On Friday I think they will be doing a spinal tap on her, which scares us all because she had one before a long time ago and it really did her in for a while. She is so frail and weak now, I can't even imagine her going through it.

She was due to have chemo last Fri. but they drained her fluid instead. I don't think she will get any this week either. I'm beyond worried. Thanks in advance for any input you can provide me.

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Hi Gracie. You should be proud that you are absolutely doing all the right things in supporting your sister. It is a very scary time. But you know from reading here that there is ALWAYS hope. Just need to hang on to that one day at a time. Prayers for better days ahead.


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