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Tarceva and Fentanyl

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Can anyone give me any info on either one of these meds? My sister was put on Tarceva today instead of chemo (after only 2 treatments?) and we're wondering if this is just a temporary thing until she gets some fluid off her lung or if they are giving up on chemo already for her?

They also prescribed a pain patch called Fentanyl.

My sister is very down right now and I could use some positive information for her. Thanks.


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Tarceva has held Col's cancer at bay for almost a year now. It's a beautiful thing when it works. She started it right after her sixth chemo treatment, which is when the chemo pretty much stopped working.

Don't know anything about the pain patch, but hopefully it helps you sister and doesn't give her any of the bad side effects she was having with the other pain meds.

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Hi Gracie...

Dont know much about Tarceva, as Dad was not able to take it, but I do know alot about the Patch (my background is in pharmacy)... The Fentynal transdermal Patch (also called duragesic) is a type of morphine pain patch. There are different doses of the patch, starting with 12.5mcg and on up to 100mcg (maybe one higher, cant remember) They are worn on the skin (preferably in a place that is hair free) for 72 hours (3 days) then removed and replaced with a new patch. The idea of the patch is to release the drug over an extended periord of time instead of all at once, so there is a continous flow of the drug in your system.

Lots of people I know (including my Dad) got very sleepy and confused while using the patch, which could go away after a few days. For Dad that did not happen so we took it off after the 3rd day and went back to oral meds.

another cool thing they make (maybe not anymore, but they were used a few years ago when i worked at the cancer center) were fentnayl suckers. Theses were more for an instant relief, but for people who were having a hard time with oral meds it was a good thing to have.

You should also never cut the patch and also make sure to dispose of the patch properly. The best way to do that is to fold it in half (with the side that stuck to the skin onthe inside) and then throw away. Wash hands after applying and removing patch. Also be careful that pets do not dig in the garbage and get at it.

here is a link in case you want more info

http://www.drugs.com/mtm/fentanyl-trans ... patch.html

hope this helps


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