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Immune system booster


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Found these posts regarding Cassie tea and Eissac tea:

Cassie-Tea is a traditional health formula designed to assist in eliminating the toxins that accumulate in the body with age and promote cell repair. The four herbs in Cassie-Tea - turkey rhubarb root, sheep sorrel, burdock root and slippery elm - combine to help nourish and strengthen all glands of the body.

Ingredients of Cassie Tea

Burdock Extract:

From the root of arctium lappa

Supports the body against minor inflammation

Supports the maintenance of healthy skin and hair

Sheep Sorrel:


Supports the efficiency of the immune system

Supports the maintenance of normal cell functions

Supports the respiratory system

Supports the body against minor inflammation

Turkey Rhubarb:

Supports the health of the digestive tract

Natural laxative

Slippery Elm:

Supports the body against minor inflammation

Supports the digestive tract

Supports the maintenance of a healthy respiratory system



Vegetable-derived capsule

Rice (bleached):

Bulking agent

Magnesium Stearate:

Bulking agent

Silicon Dioxide:

Bulking agent




Rickey Brown

MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS - rick@lungcancersurvivors.org

Father-I/L, SCLC stage IV Left us on 9/6/2003 to be with God. We will miss you more than you could imagine.

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Posted: Mon Jun 09, 2003 7:04 am Post subject:


I just thought I would add a link to the history of Cassie or backwards Eissac.


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Hi I have been looking into the essiac tea myself.

My daughter works at a GNC and they sell it as a tea and as a liquid, but I found a couple of web sites here you can make it yourself one has comple instructions. And one is a little booklet download.

Hope this helps.




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Is there a special diet that a Stage IV Adnocarcinoma patient should be on while getting Chemo?

My Dad's primary Doctor said don't feed the tumor but, yet they say keep him fed during the Chemo. we are very confused. Can anyone offer an insight into a good diet to be on during Chemo? One that does feed the tumors but, helps the body???

Thanks Andrea

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Hi Andrea

I have done some research into diet, and if you browse the web, you will find loads and loads of information, and your local bookstore will probably have some relevant literature as well.

From what I have gathered, it is important to avoid sugar and salt (even fruit should be taken in moderation because of its sugar content). Very little meat of any kind. Very little fat (cold pressed flax seed oil is recommended). As much in the way of raw vegetables as you can eat. If you are able to get access to organic food, even better. Avoid preservatives and refined foods and artificial colours, flavours etc.

Sounds very limiting, I know!! But once you get used to it, its not that difficult (according to my mum, who actually feels and looks fabulous!).

Hope this information has given you a starting point.

All the best


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You will find that a lot of doctors are sadly lacking in the area of food/diet info when it comes to cancer and nutrition. When I asked my radiation oncologist what I should eat during treatment, his response was "If you want a piece of chocolate cake, eat a piece of chocolate cake". His attitude was basically to eat whatever I wanted as long as I kept my weight up. That response was not exactly what I was looking for and it lead me to a consultation with the hospital nutritionist who was much more helpful.

Have you checked to see if your treatment center has any type of complimentary nutritionist on staff for the cancer patients? That might be a good start!

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Actually we went to see a nutritionist today. She loaded us with all kinds of stuff and say that first thing we need to do is to get my Dad's strength back up. The mix is a variety of Ester C, B-12, Milk Thistle and a bunch of others. She gave me the information for Immunicole but, said to read it and decide if we want to try that.

Do you think we need to run all of these herbs/vitamins by the Onc? I know they are so clueless about diet and eating. They have made it very difficult for Mother who wanted to know what to do. The Nutrionist today told us to follow the information in the book "Eating Right For your Blood Type". So my Mom feels more comfortable that at least now she has SOMETHING to follow instead of the "Eat what ever you feel like" answer.

The only negative part about today was that my Dad did not get to meet the nutrionist becuase, he fell getting into the car at the house. This was very traumatic and we are watching and praying that he will be ok as he is on blood thinners and the Doctors made it clear to becareful of a fall.

He said he feels ok and the fall was early this afternoon. We will all have a hard time sleeping tonight hoping that he is ok.

Thanks Andrea

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