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What Next?

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Well it looks like someone broke the radiation machine at the hospital. They just called and said they need to reschedule Tom for tomorrow but they won't start working on it until tomorrow. So who knows when he will get in. After yesterday's fiasco. What next? Oh Boy!!!


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i'm so sorry that he has had to go through all of that and now the radiation machine!! it seems like just one thing after another when you already have so much to deal with just with the diagnosis itself. people who have not had to deal with a relative with cancer just don't get it. rudeness is just not an acceptable behavior at any time never the less towards people with cancer.

anyway, my father actually started to develop a little throat clearing/cough during his 10 chest radiation treatments too. he hadn't had that before. im ,y father's case i think it was because his lung was actually opening back up so he could cough. (you need inflated lung to be able to generate a cough).

anyway, i hope that things are better from now on.

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Hang in there Denise. I have often thought we should all write a book about our lc adventures. I have had many myself. Radiation machines breaking down is quite common...I used to get my appts rescheduled periodically. And we do want the darn things working when we get treatment! Take care


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