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Tom gets neulasta and he feels the pain the next day. The pain usually last him for about 4-5 days. He takes Tramadol also known as Ultram for the pain. It seems to help him if he starts taking it early enough in the day. Sometimes he waits to long and it takes a few hours to get his pain under control enough to get comfortable. That is what we are dealing with tonight.

Jayla our 2 yr old granddaughter just gave Tom a back rub with her lavendar scented baby lotion and gave him a kiss on the back when she was done. She is too sweet!! They are now fighting over the heating pad which also helps him. She wants it but he needs it. It will be interesting to see who wins this fight.


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For my mom, the timeline is just about the same as what Denise said. Usually the pain/achyness begins a day or two after and lasts at 3-5 days. She takes Extra Strength Tylenol or Vicodin for pain control. I don't think it completely relieves the pain but she says it takes the edge off and then some. Also as Denise mentioned, keeping ahead of it by taking something early helps a lot.


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Of all the times I had Neulasta, I only had pain one time - and it hit me hard!! I had the shot on Saturday and could not get out of bed on Sunday. Nothing seemed to help much (I have problems taking anything stronger than Tylenol). I think it finally went away on Tuesday. They do say, however, that the pain means the Neulasta is working if thats any consolation!!

Good luck - Patti B.

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