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Ok!! Seriously Enough Rain Already!!!!


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So here is how i spent the last few hours.

I knew that we were gonna get rain, just didnt figure that we would get THIS much!.

I was out at my Mom's house to help her get her computer all hooked up and right when I got there a good storm popped up. There was actually tornadoes in all the counties aroound us. Well her basement started to flood, due to a drainpipe that was angled towards the house. So I helped get that fixed and decided to go home. This is where the adventure begins!!......

We got to the hwy, on and off ok. Made to Matt's (my husband) work at the Holiday Inn. Talked to him, and he said try to see if you can get home, if not come back. Went down the first St. NOPE, to flooded. Came back and went around to the next, got a bit farther this time, thought, just might get home. NOPE AGAIN. turned around, went down a side street, NOPE NOPE NOPE!!, So we made to my grandparents house, which is pretty close to mine, parked the car and gave Anna a hoddie , put Russell in the stroller and began our trek. Did pretty good, until a bunch of people came running over to us asking us if we wanted help. (which was really nice) They said that just a few feet up the road, the water is about up to your chest. OK STUCK AGAIN!!!.. they helped over to the apartment building across the street, go us towels, offered the kids fruit snacks and then helped us up to the next corner. We walked up alongside the houses, as the water was all the way up to them. Once we got up there we only had just about 2 1/2 blks to go. As we round this block there literaly is a river flowing out of the golf course rapids and all. This was the only part of the jaunt that I got a bit nervous about. I had Anna hop on my back and we pushed the stroller right through it. After that it was smooth sailing (no pun intended, lol) But then of course just as we get on our street, it starts to POUR!!!!! HARD. Russell, the 18mo. old didnt complainthe whole time, until then. We tried our best to run the rest of the way, but It was so hard to do in soaked clothing.

So now in hindsight, why did i not just stay at the hotel, or even My moms for that matter. She told me when I called her to tell her we were home ok, " I just thought of this, you should of taken your Dad's truck. AHHHHHHHHHHH... now she tells me.

Hope everyone else is staying dry... PS... My house is fine, we happen to be one of the only houses with out a "true basement" (we live in a split level) and we live on the top of a little "hill"


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It is unbelieveable the amount of rain back there and the tornados. Here it is hot and dry with very low humidity. Fire season got an early start with 2 major fires within about a hundred miles of here. Wouldn't it be nice if I could ship you some dry weather and you could send some of the rain this way :?:

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