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How Come ??


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Today my Dad went to hospital to meet the oncologist, he said from comparing the X-rays, the shadow on my Dad's lung is bigger than before. My Dad asked him what's that and he replied "don't know", he said this could be anything like tumor or radiation pnuemonitis or scars, and he seemed not really care about this shadow as he said even in many patients, like SARS patients who were recovered, they also found shadow on their lungs because of the lung damage. Then, my Dad asked for CT Chest Scan and he replied that this is not necessary as even CT scan cannot tell the truth. Oh, man!!! How come such kind of doctors exist ?? Is that only related to LIMITED RESOURCES only?? :evil::evil:

The oncologist gave 2 weeks Prednisone to my Dad (1 tablet each, twice a day) and ask him come back to see him after Christmas holiday (5 weeks later from now).

He also referred my Dad to eye specialist coz my Dad has blur vision and he doesn't think that it is the side effect of taking Prednisone.

Buddies, if you are suffering / were suffered from Radiation Pnuemonitis, can you tell me what symptoms you have? Can you tell me what the X-rays look like? What does the shadow look like?


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Berisa, geeeez i wish i had an answer for you. As we have discussed before i am not that familiar with your countries medical system. Insurance, etc....... I know here in the states i would be going to another Dr. quickly. I dont know if that is an option for your father or not. If it is an option i would highly reccomend it. A CT scan in my opinion is the least that should be done. Any time you have a change like this it indicates something obviously has changed. There is no way any of us could come close to accurately guessing what this might be going on with these xrays. This would be driving me abosolutely nuts if it was me. The blurred vision could very well be from the PCI treatments i dont know. Is your fathers cough improved any ? Has he got any new symptoms ? Have you got the resources for seeking a second opinion Berisa ? Instead of a CT scan if you can get PET scan go for that first. Again i want to pass on as much helpful info as possible to you but it is difficult because of my lack of knowledge as to your health care system there. I wish you the best hun. Hang in there and keep fighting and asking questions. Is the prednisone helping with his cough and other symptoms ? Keep us posted and as always best wishes.

Warm Regards


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Greg, thank you for your quick response :D , i guess you are very boring in hospital !! (surely this is the fact)

Over here, if the patient didn't buy insurance, the only way to treat the cancer is to go to governmental hospital for minimal cost because they cannot afford to pay if without medical insurance coverage. (try to think if you dont have this medical coverage, you have to pay on your own and this is HUGE figure)

Secondly, my Dad doesn't want to spend such money, previously we brought him to do CT & PET Scans by paying on your own, he complained that it was a waste of money. PROBLEM is He do quite trusts those doctors AND he doesn't want to pay any cost from his pocket.

So far, after he started to take Prednisone, he feels much much better and almost no cough at all. No other symptoms we could find. At this moment, he just has 2 problems, one is cough (if without taking Prednisone), another is the occasional blurred vision. Next Monday, he will go to quene up for scheduling a day meeting eye specialist.

The worst thing is, those oncologists insist that at this moment, no CT / PET scans are needed for my Dad. We mentioned several times, and their replies always are -- NOT NECESSARY.

so, i really want to know the symptoms you guys have if you are suffered from Radiation Pnuemonitis that at least, all your stories and details may help me or assure me that this is only SCAR or Radiation Pnuemonitis instead of reccurrence.

I just only guess, if the cancer relapses, then there is no point for those oncologists to let my dad sitting here without doing anything. Moreover, there is also no point for those oncologists not assigning any further tests and scans for relapsed lung cancer. There is nonsense that they arranged my Dad to come visit them again after Christmas if the cancer relapses.

Hope you guys help me to analyse my Dad's symptoms from your experience (or also assuring me no reccurrence) by telling me

1) How did your oncologist dx the Radiation Pnuemonitis?

2) what do you observe from your x-rays such as the shadow shape, location, size.

3) Shadow gradually become bigger or smaller from time to time?

4) how your Radiation Pnuemonitis to be diagnosed.

5) what are the recurrence symptoms

Truly thank you and thanks for your ears.

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