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Going to Blame it on the Radiation!


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Sheesh, I think the short term memory loss has kicked in! I am cooking tonight (side dishes and such) for tomorrow as we are having our Thanksgiving dinner then. My daughter had to work Thursday and my son has in laws so rather than make them come here part of a day and then go there part of a day I said we would do ours on Sunday. Anyway, lol, I am baking pies and they JUST don't seem to be getting done. I finally get the Cherry Pie (for my daughter) done and put in MY pumpkin pie. Time is up and when I go to check on it the dang thing is barely cooked. Look at the temp gauge and what did I see???????????????? I still had the darn oven on PREHEAT!!!!! Can you say DUHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Has to be the radiation to my brain, lol, I couldn't have done that other wise!!!

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You may be able to eventually bake a pie on preheat, but you DEFINITELY cannot pop popcorn in the microwave on defrost no matter HOW LONG you leave it in there. And it's impossible to get nice brown toast out of a toaster that is not plugged in no matter how long you *patiently* wait for it to pop up.

I know because I've apparently tried to do both in the past few weeks. Also, tuna casserole is just lacking that special ingredient when you forget to add the tuna. (guilty).

Hope this makes you feel better! If not, I've just confessed to these ...ummmm...let's call them "lack of focus" moments...for no good reason!

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