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Pre Term?

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My 6 months pregnant daughter just called me to tell me she has been having pains for the last 3 hours. I told her to call her OB/GYN and call me back.

I am waiting...


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It turns out everything is fine.

It is my youngest daughter Christy (Jayla's mom) that will having another one due around September 24th. It is a boy this time. Christy left out a very key piece of info that I will not disclose as to why she was having the pain.

Since I have Jayla with me and she does not live with mom for very good reason. I am not happy about this new child coming into this world. Now of course I can't fault the child that his parents are (fill in the blank__________'s). It is bad enough that they cannot care properly for Jayla so what are they going to do with another one. I cannot take on 2.

Christy does not work and O'Brien does the daily pay thing a couple of days a week for some pocket change.

It is not a good situation.


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