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I was thinking about this the other day and wanted to share... but would like to know your experience too! Just how to make it so it fits with cargivers and those with LC...

OK... tell us the best thing the person you are a cargiver/loved one of has done for you.

or if you are a patient, tell us something that someone has done for you that has touched you greatly.

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here is my story of what my Dad did for me...

there are many things that he did just because, he was that kinda of guy, but I will never forget what he did when I moved back home to be near him and bought a new house. We bought the house and wanted to paint a few rooms before we moved in and I ofcourse had to call my Daddy and ask about a million questions, an I borrow the ladder, what kind of paint to use, how do i paint around the light, blah blah blah... So i got started and was about half done, would finish the next day after work... So I came to the new house and when I got there... it was done! It happened to be my daughters room and we were painting it pink... so for him to fishish was just awesome! He had come over at 6 in the morning to do it. Didnt even ask him to help.. he hadnt been feeling the greatest at that time. It was so nice and unexepected.

So thats mine! whos next.

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This past Valentines day Alan was still on chemo, in a wheelchair and unable to leave the house. My mom was visiting from Flordia and Alan asked her to please purchase a card and small gift to give to me on Valentines Day. That is who Alan was. Sick with not only the recurrance of his cancer, but also with the chemo treatments, and his only concern was that he give his wife a beautiful card and small gift on the day which symbolizes love. That turned out to be our last Valentine's Day, but the one I will never forget as long as I live.

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