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A Message from MAX L.

Connie B

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Hello All,

I thought this was worth shaing with all of you. Our Max is doing well.

Here is his message:

Sorry I have not communicated in a while but no excuse other than we have been busy running our business, which have since closed and are retiring for the second time. I like the new pulmonologist, though he is very laid back. Shortness of breath appears to have gone mostly, but some of the coughing does linger on, but not too often.

Inez and I took a trip to Williams Az, for a train ride to the Grand Canyon. Thought this might be a problem, but happily, other than being a little tired, worked out well. Think the tiredness mainly due to my anemia, which also has gotten much better. Have joined weight watchers 4 weeks ago and have lost 10 pounds which I think is a big help. We will be heading for New York next month, spend 4 days in Manhattan, then board Princess Cruise Lines for a 7 day trip through New England and Canada. Also signed up for a bus tour next June for two weeks, leaving from Sioux Falls, ND and traveling through the Canadian Rockies, Banff, Lake Louise and other places. Inez and I refuse to give up and always need something good to look forward too.

I will try to keep better contact. If we had physical meetings like the one I attend each Tuesday with my prostate cancer group, that would be great seeing you all and exchanging thoughts and ideas.

Keep a positive attitude and never give up. Our thoughts, love and prayers has and always will be with everyone. Thanks all for thinking about me.

I sent this same message via email to Mary.


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