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PET/CT results


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I still have the area in my pleura and the one in center lobe lighting up but no new spots. The odd thing was, the two areas lit up brighter and had higher SUV's than last time - but so did my thyroid which is always the same number. I just returned from some high altitudes in Colorado and he thinks that may have affected the SUV's. (I live in Florida - altitude 0) Anybody ever hear of that?

I know Carole on vacation was able to do without her oxygen going from higher to lower altitude - I could have used some of that oxygen when I was at 11,000 feet! Could really feel it in my bad lung!

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This is the first I've ever heard of SUV being affected by altitude (which doesn't at all mean it may not be true), but I just finished posting SUVs from my four PET scans at http://www.lungevity.org/l_community/viewtopic.php?t=38404 so you might want to take a look at those.

As to altitude, now that I'm back home, I keep forgetting that I need my supplemental O2 full time again so am having to watch myself closely (dropping down into 70s and 80s is not conducive to good judgment!).



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