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My dad was better today...


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The confusion has apparently settled and he wasn't shaking near as much today as the past few days...

We went to London to see the pain and symptoms doctor and he suggested keeping the pain medicine at or maybe a lil' below its current setting.. Which is good.... And he suggested that we up the dosage of neurontin because my dad is complaining of really really sore hands... So that doc thinks its a nerve problem and want to check his blood sugar again to see if thats too high....

Anyways, the trip to London allowed us to get the 2nd opinion we were looking for and he is going to send his suggestions to Chatham so they ca follow thru on them... My dad has a CT scan tomorrow morning and he is really hoping he can come home tomorrow afternoon.. Which would be really cool... He is way more alert and responsive than the days before he was admitted... Perhaps this hospital stay has done a load of good,,, it appears that way anyways....

So who knows... Wouldn't it just be GREAT if the CT Scan came back tomorrow with no evidence of any tumour whatsoever!!!! THAT WOULD BE WONDERFUL,,, but I'm not counting my chickens.... Just hope that the cancer hasn't moved at all.... We like to keep the bloody thing in its place!!! I will keep you posted... Take care and God Bless you all.. Bye


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