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My Neighbor's Wife/UPDATE


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My neighbor's 45 yr old wife Dawn was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It is not know yet if it is benign or malignant. She will have the surgery to remove it. They have turned down the Gamma Knife because they say it has a high return of malignancy??? Huh???

Dawn and Bruce have two son's in H.S. Karl is a senior and Kurt is a sophmore.

Prayers that this comes up benign and she heals swiftly would be appreciated.


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Thank you ladies.

I found out that what Dawn has is called Acoustic Neuroma. The tumor is actually located in the bony canal between the inner ear and the brain stem not in the brain itself. It is growing rapidly and if it gets large enough it can protrude into the brain and cause more complications.

Surgery will be in 2 weeks.

Thanks for all who may have prayed for Dawn. Please continue to pray for Dawn and her family.


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Dawn had her surgery today to remove the tumor. She is currently in Intensive Care where she will remain for at least 5 days.

The doctors tell Bruce that she will be in rehab for at least a year as she will need to relearn everything again.

It will be a long rough road.

They are also waiting on pathology to see if it's malignant or not.

Please continue to pray for Dawn and her family that she come through this okay. They need all the prayers they can get.



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