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Belated Retrocactive Hall Pass Request


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Hi, everyone.

My apologies to all for not having requested a hall pass before "disappearing." :(

I've not actually left town, but I do get tired more easily these days and thus any day I go to one of the grandkids' games (one of each on volleyball and football teams), it means the next day or two are spent on the sidelines.

I've also been adjusting my intake of homeopatic remedies (such as IV and oral Vitamin C, oral Vitamin D, electromagnetic therapy, acai berries (Mona Vie), etc.), which has included consultations with both M.D.s and N.Ds (naturopathic doctors), so my schedule has been rather full.

None of which makes up for the fact that I've "disappeared" a lot lately without requesting a hall pass first, for which I can only say, "Mea Culpa."

It will probably be a couple weeks more before I get myself reorganized (the truth is that I haven't been organized since mid-August when I returned from Pacific Coast vacation), by which time I hope to be back with "bells on." :D

Again, apologies to those whom I worried. I will try to do better in the future.

With love and affection,


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