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Essiac Tea


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Hello Friends,

Ive been researching all the websites for Essiac Tea and read the story of Nurse Cassie who founded it. Im confused because the more I read, the more that each website claims they have the correct recipe. I am very interested in purchasing this for my father. Can anyone lead me in the right direction as to where I can get the legitimate product? Thanks so much!

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Most all health food stores carry it. I've seen various brand names - most all have the very same ingredients - There is one - Floressence - or some such name - that has a couple of additional ingredients - supposed to have been developed by JFK's physician? or somethig - the additional herbs in it are ones I am very comfortable with -

Sometimes I use the already bottled kind from the health food store. It is pricey, though, so most often, I get the herbs that are dried and combined and make the tea myself on the stove top. I bottle it in the dark jars that the bottled kind came in - I just saved the jars, cleaned and sterilized them and reuse for my own tea -

The ones that are dried and combined - they usually have that at the health food store, also - you use it to make the tea, usually a quart at a time -

And they also make it into a capsule -

If you know of a health food store where you trust the person who runs it - ask them -

If I can help further, feel free to email me -

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