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You have a wonderful idea. This is something that I wish Randy would have had time to do but because of our situation, we didn't really have time to do anything. We had hardly accepted the fact that he had cancer and then he was gone. I wish that he would have had the time to write to his children about his hopes and dreams for them and for me. It would have been something that would have given us a part of him to keep after he was gone. I hope others will think about this idea and act on it.

We each have memories of things that were and are special to us. We need to share those ideas and memories with each other because once we are gone, who is there to tell our story? I think it is a wonderful gift that you are giving to your family and friends. I hope others will do the same. How precious it would be to be able to see Randy's thoughts at this time.

Thank you for sharing with us all.

Much love,


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