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Help! Stg 3 lrg cell-Mets to bones?-I'm 48, my sons need me!


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My friend was dx'd w/lrg cell lung ca. He has completed chemo and rads...yesterday he had a PET scan ( after having finished chemo and rads) and the hip bone lit up... I am trying to help him through this... he is currently being treated at Northwestern in Chicago. It's so weird... he never would have known he had lc - but he was scanned for kidney stones. He has never smoked... not that - that really matters at this point... but he was totally shocked. So... what are his options... he is only 48 yrs old...has 2 small sons... he is an ex-collegiate athlete... should he go to MD Anderson... what is the best possible place for him? HELP... HELP....should he go else where for treatment... what is the best place for him?

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Hi there. I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I can't answer your questions as to where best to go as I am from Canada. Hopefully others will come along with some advice.

I hope the results of his first line treatment were positive despite the new hip met. And Katie is right, he is probably a candidate for radiation in that area, and perhaps a 2nd line chemo drug. He should discuss all options with his med onc.

Your friend is lucky to have your support. Please keep us posted. There are many kind supportive folks here who will answer questions along the way. Take care


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Thanks...I will suggest that to him. Forgot to mention in my original post...the tumor in his lung has not grown since he started treatment but it hasn't shrunk. And...two additional spots showed up that they think is metastatic. And a lymph node showed possible mets as well.

(Cindy -Glad you're doing so well. I was dx'd with breast cancer 3 yrs. ago...all done w/treatment...and in remission.)

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