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mets are short for metastasis. It means the cancer has spread from the

primary tumor to another organ.

Basically a tumor can be primary or secondary.

The primary cancer is where the cancer started. The secondary is the tumor that has metastasized

For example a person may have lung cancer (primary) and a brain met(s) (secondary). The brain tumor is not brain cancer it is lung cancer that has spread (metastasized) to the brain.


Hope this helps answer your questions. The link above may help also

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Thank you for your help.

Yesterday my mom went for the cat scan to check the rest of her body.

They called yesterday afternoon to tell her they have spotted a trauma to the brain and scheduled an MRI for tomorrow. Trauma? Does that mean that it may have spread? When I hear trauma I think someone has been hit in the head.


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They have to do a biopsy and the correct stainings or whatever tests they do (I don't know what they are). Adenocarcinoma can be a primary lung or a primary colon cancer.

CDX2 can be used to differentiate the two from what I have read.

Sometimes it is even less clear and people have "unknown primary"

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