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Return of THE FIVES


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Not everyone will have been here long enough to remember "The Fives," so here's the story. Sometimes, we need a gentle nudge that not everything in the world is bad or a negative. With this in mind, you are to list five things you are thankful for.

The original exercise was to have a notebook where five things were listed upon waking and five more before retiring. It is a challenge in the original form, as the blessings were not to be repeated. When having a down day, you could refer back to the morning's list for a reminder of what is positive in your life.

There are no thought police here, so repeats are up to you. Also, I will start the post in the morning and everyone can join in and post their own fives and can post twice a day if they so desire.

I will see you guys in the morning, sweet dreams!

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Sounds like the idea in Simple Abundance that Oprah promoted some years ago. I do think though that was just at the end of the day. The most touching thing I heard about it was a woman in her audience who stood up and said that she tried it and was surprised to find out she was creating positive things in her life so she would have something to write at the end of the day. This sounds a little tougher but I'll try--think it will give us good dreams???

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