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Sue First and best start is to run a scan of your anti vius Protection. Open program and runa full system scan !!

If you have spyware run that next like ad aware or spy doctor! at worst is a trip tothe shop for a removal and cleaning of the system. that may set you back but NOT mORE than about a 100$

If it helps I had a virus or something on my hardtop to where the IT guy said, "This is the blue screen from H*$! not death and dont come back if you get this bug again" He spent almost 2 days running tests and finally we had to reload all windows and go back to square one!!! LMAO at that not you ! :wink:

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Hi Sue, Randy and Katie,,,

I did open the stupid thing and the virus got me... BUT..... My windows anti virus/spyware was able to remove it and I am okay computerwise today.

Just wanted to add that I went to add/delete programs and uninstalled 3 programs with yesterdays date that had "Appeared" after the virus. I don't remember the names but they were NOT something I had added so I am thinking they came in with the trojan virus.

I hope this helps....



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Me again and virus free now , I hope. My son is a computer geek extradinairre... anyhow. after much research he found the software that did the trick. That darn thing did a number on my puter , even hijacked my browser. Glad to be rid of it and I learned a lesson to never click links unless I am positive of what they are. Even when they come from a friend, they may not be from that friend which was he case here. If anyone got hit and would like to know what program we used, just email me and I will be glad to share .



PS: Randy you made me laugh.. lol

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Hi guys

Just wanted to let you know that I am still removing spyware from my computer this morning. I did a scan and it found an additional 3 programs and cookies that should not have been on my system.

I thought I would mention it and recommend that you run your spyware detection and virus scans daily for the next couple of days, just to be sure.

I hate these people who have nothing better to do than create havoc for everyone. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Hugs to all


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I got the virus too, but my norton didnt catch it right away. I was able to shut the computer down and reboot and run norton, but then wasnt able to connect to the internet. One of my IT friends said that when Norton found the Trojan, it only removed the one part of the virus. It sometimes will disable your internet once you delete it from your computer. So my other computer savy friend took my computer for a few days and ran a bunch of scans and added a bunch of adware and spyware removers.. and all is good.

Where I went wrong... and what I (and anyone else) should never do. If a link asks you to open a browser to view something, because you cant see it with the ones you already have... DONT DO IT!!! You should almost always be able to view things with whatever viewer you have on your computer.

Chris, I too also had some programs that just showed up out of nowhere after the virus.

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