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Tuesday's air


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Morning Y'all!

I am off work today and hope to get alot done. I desperately need new carpet in my bedroom. I found some pretty cheap but after reading about how to put it down myself, I'm going back to ask how much to have it installed. I don't want to spend alot because these darn critters will just ruin it.

Denise, hoping Tom is doing lots better.

Bruce, I can just imagine the shock of some of my neighbors going up there! :shock: It's a balmy 52 degrees here. :D

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Well here in Minnesota it is 19 degrees, the high for the day. Later it is to become windy and the snow will blow around so that should give us a good windchill temp.

My husband and I just finished clearing the deck, stairs, walks and driveway of last nights snow. They promise we will get more snow every day the week and stay cold.

I do have to admit the Christmas lights do look pretty against the snow in the evening.

Donna G

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Well Blueeye it is not very balmy here. This morning it is -40 not including windchill. The ice fog is really bad especially when it is still dark. Makes it difficult to see pedistrians walking. Square tires on the truck this morning. LOL

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Hello EVeryone!! I am back after almost a week without a computer! Stupid virus! It has been snowing here since yesterday at 3pm. We are expected to get 8-16 inches by the time "Winter Storm Carter" is finished. I currently have a wall of snow at the end of the driveway that is about 3 feet tall, so I am not going anywhere! I really, really need to get to the grocery store, but it will have to wait until tomorrow!

Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday... and was there really no Mondays Air yesterday?

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